HI, my name is ALYSSA ESPARZA.

I am a private chef, wellness expert, fitness junkie, and soon to be published cookbook author based in Los Angeles, California.  My life long passion is revolved around living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I thrive in helping my clients improve their overall health and assist them in developing a healthy relationship with food.  

Cooking is my happy place and I love sharing it even more.  As a lover of human nature — I cook within the seasons.  I love creating tasty, clean, beautiful, nutrient-dense recipes and dishes, most of which are plant based. 

When it comes to food and eating habits, everyone is different.   I truly believe there is no one right eating plan for all, so with that in mind, my meals are carefully curated with the knowledge I have of each individual. My goal is to help people return to a more balanced, natural way of eating, and of course achieve their personal goals. 

I am happy to answer any healthy lifestyle questions you may have or if you're solely interested in my private chef services you can contact me here.  

In good health,


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